Absolute Vengeance is ready to take the stage again.

March 23rd, 2011

This time around Absolute Vengeance will be playing as a four piece! The release of Drew Landriau (AV EP, Beneath the Flesh) of his previous bass responsibilities pushed the group to look toward Brian Gant for double duty as singer and bassist. Brian had played the bass in previous bands and was very much up to the challenge. For the past few months, Absolute Vengeance has been working on teaching Brian the songs and is very much looking forward to hitting the stage.
AV is actively booking shows and has already started filling summer dates.

Forever yours in METAL,
Absolute Vengeance

The next show is set in April on Sat. the 16th. at 6:00pm
Jams Music Store, Eldersburg Maryland
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AV is taking a few months off from playing shows to reorganize their live performance and record new music.

January 19th, 2011

Absolute Vengeance is currently focusing on writing new material for another future full length. As it is still in its preliminary stages, it will take a few months to get new songs written and recorded before they are ready to take the stage again. It has been a while since the last recording session was completed and there are several songs that AV has been playing shows with that have yet to make it into the studio. A new release is more than likely to feature a mix of recently featured live tracks as well as all new originals. AV is looking forward to the future and hopes to create music for everyone to enjoy in 2011.

The latest release “Beneath the Flesh” can still be found on itunes and other mp3 sites.

Stay tuned and continue to look for brand new songs that will surely melt faces and bring da’ ruckus.

Absolute Zero

January 8th, 2011

Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature, occurring when no heat energy remains in a substance.

It is the point at which
molecules do not move (relative to the rest of the body) more than they are required to by a quantum mechanical effect called zero-point energy. By international agreement, absolute zero is defined as precisely 0 K on the Kelvin scale, which is a thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale, and -273.15 C on the Celsius scale and -459.67 F on the Fahrenheit scale.

Recently, researchers report cooling large organic molecules to less than 0.1 K using a technique that should also work with proteins and other biomolecules.

They have previously cooled single atoms and molecules with two or three atoms to just a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero, but it has proved hard to push larger molecules below about 10 degrees Kelvin.

Cooling large molecules is difficult because they can move and wriggle in many different ways, each of which must be brought under control.

Bernhard Roth of the Heinrich-Heine University in D�sseldorf, Germany and his colleagues chilled a dye called Alexa Fluor 350 (AF), a molecule with 42 atoms, using a technique called sympathetic cooling, and in a matter of minutes, the AF ions got to 95 mK.

Achieving temperatures this low will allow scientists to study molecular structures and chemical processes with unprecedented precision and perhaps explore novel issues of fundamental physics.

The applications of this technique are possible to any molecule that can be charged, Roth says. “In the future, we’d like to cool even heavier molecules, such as proteins or polymers.” The cold molecules can stay in the trap for hours or even days at a time, allowing researchers to study the progress of certain internal processes, such as some very slow electronic transitions.

Absolute Vengeance is the best band from SWEDEN.

January 8th, 2011

100% PWN./VOL. (1000 PROOF) 1 4W35OME

Upcoming show at Ball’s Bluff Tavern

December 30th, 2010

Balls Bluff Tavern

2D Loudoun Street
Leesburg, Va 22066 UNITED STATES

This Time Its War

Absolute Vengeance

Cab Ride Home

Life After Hours

We’re live…

December 30th, 2010